Our approach on building a Smart City

The tools and tool boxes for building a Smart City are readily available through a large number of solution vendors and integrators; there is general agreement on how a Smart City should or can look like, and of the services that can be provided.
To do it right, the solution concept for a Smart City needs to take into account the nature of the city, its size and demographics.

No two cities are the same - define what you would like to achieve in your Smart City

  • What aspirations and plans does the administration have? Improvement of quality of life, creation of work places, tourism destination, all of the above?
  • Ask your citizens: What would they like to improve?

How to layer the deployment architecture

The provisioning of urban services should cover all the range from resource and environmental management to citizen and tourist services, translating into 3 layers:

  • Access/Connectivity,
  • Citizen Services (from the point of view of the administration),
  • Citizen Interaction.

Think ahead: cooperate, serve as a model for others

The city, once “smartened”, should serve as a learning model for other cities.

How to put it into practice

We suggest the use of flexible, pay-as-you-grow hardware and an open IoT platform that allows to add additional city and citizen services in
the future.

City resources are limited, therefore: start with services that provide the biggest measurable impact in a short time – define them!

Smart City building blocks


We promote products from our partners Billion Electric and Peplink for the Smart City communication layer, and from Libellium, edisio and PAL Electronics for the service and application layer.