Mutli Utility Smart Metering

Smart Meters are electronic devices enabling two-way communication and data transfer between customers and (utility) service providers, in Real Time.
Multi utility meters are a triple play solution for electricity/water/gas utilities, or a dual play mixture for any two these segments.


  • For utilities: theft and fraud reduction, elimination of wrong billing and meter reading costs.
  • For end users: accurate readings and peak consumption analysis to control and reduce energy consumption.

The Economics behind Smart Metering

Based on a 2014 EU Commission report on the deployment of Smart Metering:

  • Close to 200 million smart meters for electricity and 45 million for gas will be rolled out in the EU by 2020, representing a potential investment of €45 billion.
  • By 2020, it is expected that almost 72% of European consumers will have a smart meter for electricity, about 40% will have one for gas.
  • The cost of installing a smart meter in the EU is on average between €200 and €250.
  • On average, smart meters provide savings of €160 for gas and €309 for electricity per metering point (distributed amongst consumers, suppliers, distribution system operators, etc.) as well as an average energy saving of 3%.

Focus Segments: Commercial and Industrial

  • Amera addresses the enterprise market which is characterized by the need for robust and reliable devices.
  • Our in-house solution is suitable and customizable for retail, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and facility management.

Solution Functionalities:

  • Versatile Components Integration:
    Water, Gas, Electricity, Security Intrusion Logs, Light & Temperature Sensors
  • Open Protocols and Connectivity Support: 
    Ethernet, Digital I/O, ModBus, Serial RS232/485, ports, Wi-Fi & ZigBee, 3/4G modules
  • Inhouse Development of Hardware: 
    InMeter & NPDIO components
  • Monitoring and Control Embedded Features: 
    Programmatic scheduling & sensor based decision making
  • Integrated Analytics: 
    Proactive measurements and Statistical Reporting dashboard

Technical Overview: Design, Sensor Connectivity, Protocols


Amera promotes a Smart Metering solution that we developed in-house.

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