Access and Connectivity: Small Cells, LTE and Wifi Communication Infrastructure

Amera Network's telecom and networking solutions are comprised of Small Cells, LTE Outdoor CPEs and Wi-Fi Access Points for indoor and outdoor coverage, with the goal to

  • increase the core network's coverage, pushing out the network edge to previously under-served rural areas,
  • increase the capacity in dense urban areas,
  • provide maximum additional bandwidth at a minimum additional cost for both providers and end users.

Our solutions have been successfully deployed in a large number of verticals. 


Small Cells:

  • Urban, Enterprise, Rural and Remote LTE Small Cells for Fixed Wireless and Mobile access, 
  • Support of the 3.5GHz mobile capacity band, as well as other mainstream TDD/FDD LTE bands,
  • Additional features: Network-in-a-box, Multi-Operator Neutral Host/SCaaS, Mobile Edge Computing, Virtualization and Internet of Things all the way to future 5G.

4G/LTE Outdoor CPEs:

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi 4G/LTE Outdoor Routers integrating LTE fixed wireless networks and high speed dual-band wireless technology for a secure, high performance mission- critical cellular connectivity,
  • IP67 support for deployment in harsh outdoor environments,
  • Provide connectivity for a variety of carrier applications such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, remote surveillance, and critical data backhaul, etc.

Wi-Fi Outdoor Access Points:

  • Based on the latest standard, 802.11ac, for a throughput of 1200 Mb/s, ideally suited to provide a city-wide communication and access infrastructure,
  • Can be integrated with additional Smart City services and solutions, such as smart street lights.